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Product innovation is at the heart of what we do at CDE, and as global leaders in materials wet processing solutions, we take great pride in the years of knowledge and expertise that our team possess. No other materials wet processing equipment manufacturer boasts more patents than CDE. 

The following table outlines the products and processes that are protected by patents around the world. CDE is constantly evolving and redefining materials wet processing and in addition to this list of granted patents, we also have several products and processes with patents pending. 

CDE Granted Patents

Combo Sand Washing Plant:

  • SG 10201403323Q, DPRK 62548, IN 307249
  • IN 262629 (Design)
  • JP 6537232

Learn more about the Combo Sand Washing Plant

Oremax - Mineral Processing Plant:

  • SG 10201405473R
  • JP 6307783, DPRK 64038
  • NanoWash - IN 302176
  • NanoWash - IN 262628 (design)

Learn more about the Oremax - Mineral Processing Plant

ReUrban - Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Plant:

  • IN 276629 (Design)
  • Integrated trash screens (R models) - GB 2548856B and US 10016764
  • H2-60 Split bottom deck option - US 10046365
  • Infinity Screens - As per Infinity Screens D-Line, P-Line & H-Line Status

Learn more about the ReUrban - Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Plant

MicroGrader - Silica Sand Plant:

  • IN 276627 (Design)
  • Technical Process - 3006112 (Europe), US 9744537 and US 9987637
  • Technical Process for full process - GB 2546491
  • Feedbox design - GB 2503812 and US 9636688
  • Combined Screening / Dewatering - GB 2524651 and US 9409208 B2
  • Trilogy side walls - GB 2505483, US 9643115 and CA 2882997
  • U-Span cross members - GB 2515489

Learn more about the MicroGrader - Silica Sand Plant

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