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Lignite Removal

Our specialist processing plants allow for the efficient removal of lignite contamination from your sand & gravel or rock deposit.

Where a deposit is contaminated with lignite the sand and aggregates will not be suitable for a range of construction applications such as concrete sand and plastering sand.

Effective removal of lignite contamination requires the introduction of our Counter Flow Classification system (CFCU). This provides a means of density separation and its basic operation involves floating the lighter lignite particles off the top while the sand product (being heavier than lignite) sinks to the bottom of the tank before being discharged to the integrated dewatering screen.

In the majority of cases lignite contamination will be dealt with at the sand washing stage due to the fact that that it is brittle so is broken up into particles at the lower end of the sizing scale.

If however, there is lignite contamination within the aggregate fraction we can also introduce our AtroFeed attrition system or RotoMax logwasher.

Introduction of our lignite removal systems will typically involve the production of a number of different sand specifications:

1. Concrete sand (coarse)

2. Building / plastering sand (fine)

3. Cable sand (ultra fine)

The nature of the processing system required is entirely dependent on the level of lignite contamination within your deposit. This will vary extensively depending on the geology of your deposit.

The design and delivery of the optimum lignite removal plant for your operation involves extensive material testing in the first instance and it is only when this been done can a suitable equipment specification be completed.

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