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Sludge Management

By introducing our filter press technology you can:

• Eliminate the requirement for settling ponds

• Reduce the space required to accommodate your washing plant

• Maximise recycling of water from your washing plant

• Eliminate waste from your washing & classifying plant

• Significantly reduce health & safety risks on site

Wastewater from your washing plant is first delivered to the AquaCycle thickener before the settled sludge containing all of the minus 63 micron / 200 mesh material is then sent to the Filter Press.

The waste sludge is pressed under extremely high pressure and a dry filter cake is produced which is discharged into a bay below the filter press enclosure.

We conduct extensive material testing in advance of the specification of the ideal filter press for your processing plant. There are a wide range of variable factors that must be considered in order to ensure the filter press specified is matched to your requirements.

These variables include:

1. The level of fines content within your feed material (minus 63 micron / 200 mesh)

2. The nature of the clay and silts contained within your material

In order to ensure the sludge delivered to your filter press is optimised for maximum dewatering we may need to look at any existing sand washing plant you have in operation. Efficient operation of your filter press requires that all sand particles are removed from your sludge prior to delivery to the filter press. Traditional sand washing systems such as bucket wheels or screw classifiers are not very efficient at capturing all of the sand within the washed product and some sand finds its way into the waste sludge.

It is important that this is removed as it causes excess wear on pumps and the filter press. By upgrading your sand washing plant to our EvoWash you are also maximising the product yield from your resource and ensuring the most efficient exploitation of your reserve.


EasySettle deploys high performance polymer technology to rigidify your tailings at the point of disposal by effecting  instantaneous water release from the treated slurry.




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