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Sand and gravel washing in Africa

Bucking the downwards economic trend in the international construction and mining industry, CDE Global has continued to grow as the world’s leading materials washing company.

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The reason for its expansion is simple: CDE connects with the market. Its business development managers are based in Africa to fully understand the sand and gravel washing requirements in the region and provide a knowledgeable and personal service to their clients. Supported by highly experienced CDE designers and engineers, they develop the best value-for-money washing solutions with their customers for optimal efficiency and return on investment, even for operations with very specific needs, such as those running in remote locations and arid environments.

A new way forward 
Whilst conventional bucket wheel washers and screw classifiers are cheap to buy, they also lose in excess of 20% fine sand, which leads to a lack of finer fractions of sand between 1mm and 300 micron in the grade and quality of the final washed product. Another drawback is the loss of production when settling ponds need to be cleaned on a regular basis. 

At CDE we are increasingly witnessing a strategic shift by African quarry and mine operators who recognise that to gain an edge over their competitors, they need to offer the best quality sand to their customers. To target a better and more profitable market segment and increase return on investment, operators are starting to invest in more efficient sand and gravel washing systems such as the popular CDE EvoWash, which comes with its own electric control panel and is pre-wired.

Water conservation being a major concern in Africa, savvy customers often combine their plant with a CDE AquaCycle, which recycles 90% of used water and runs for as little as R3/tonne. Mobile and compact, CDE plants, with advanced no spill transfer points, high quality components and reduced maintenance, offer a simple, one-touch solution.

Sand and gravel washing in Africa: CDE connects, adapts and delivers

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