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Unity Green Sand Industries, Rajasthan

With the successful installation of a Combo X70 at Kotputli Rajasthan CDE Asia gained the immense satisfaction of initiating a client’s successful journey into the construction industry

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Visiting the successfully functioning Combo X70 plant installed at Kotputli Rajasthan, today anybody would be surprised to know that the project known as Unity Green Sand Industries was the result of a series of lengthy discussions between a client with no existing business interests in construction and a CDE Asia executive who convinced him of the burgeoning demand for M-Sand in the near future.

The Combo X70 is a single washing plant with a capacity of up to 100TPH and can function without a glitch from 12-16 hours a day, accruing savings in power and water through smart resource use. It converts fine stone dust to M-Sand for ready-mix concrete industries, maintaining strict economies of cost, high output quality, and great returns for the owner.

The game-changing idea:

It was in 2018 when we initiated our conversation with the customer and proposed that he consider investing in a CDE Sand Washing Plant. The customer’s business interests at that point comprised food processing and he was untested in the construction, sand, or aggregates sphere. From there to becoming a successful M-Sand manufacturer has been quite a journey! The talks began by impressing on the customer the huge existing and upcoming demand for M-Sand that Delhi NCR and Jaipur would see in the near future due to the natural sand crisis and the exponential growth in urban developmental activities. It was also important at this time to establish the advantages of using M-Sand over natural river sand. The initial discussions, therefore, suggested that M-Sand was a superior and reliable alternative to natural river sand, with the ability to be graded and washed to industry standards and combat the natural sand shortage crisis. The client was especially drawn to the extensive CDE plant demonstrations that followed where he got first-hand knowledge of the one-of-a-kind CDE sand washing technology.

Locating the dream:

The next step in this exciting journey of possibility and transformation was finding a suitable site for setting up the plant. CDE Asia joined hands with the customer to survey various potential areas, analyze relevant demographic factors, and test different types of crusher dust. The latter was especially important since plant selection (Combo Alpha or Combo X70 or any other) was based on raw material quality. Finally, the ideal land was identified at Kotputli, Rajasthan - geographically strategic since it was located between Delhi and Jaipur and thus had the potential to serve both markets. Moreover, Kotputli had abundant availability of the raw material i.e. crusher dust at a fair price and thus making it a favorable site.

Instilling confidence:

By now, we had managed to agree on the type of plant and its function. CDE Asia was looking forward to a journey of initiating project Unity Green Sand Industries with the installation of an advanced Combo X70 plant at our identified site at Kotputli, Rajasthan. Having been informed of the huge growth potential of M-Sand, our customer was now looking forward to converting granite stone dust that was economically available in the region into M-Sand for ready-mix concrete providers. However, there were still some doubts in his mind about the value and marketability of M-Sand. To resolve this, we took him on a tour to different RMC’s in Delhi NCR. During one such visit, the CDE M-Sand demonstration impressed the RMC so much, that they went forward to sign a deal with our customer for their M-Sand requirements (even before the plant was built!). This incident had a lasting positive impact on our client, who committed to the project with no further doubts.

As with all major businesses, the beginning can be tricky. We extended our assistance towards acquiring the various permissions & NOC’s from the Pollution Control Board (PCB), CGWA, Local Panchayat, etc. Since the customer was a new entrant into the construction & building materials industry, there was a capital limitation as well. To address this challenge, we helped him in getting the plant financed by one of our financiers.

Successful installation and dedicated support:

It was a feeling of immense pride to see the CDE Asia Combo X70 plant up and running as promised in 2019 after a long and thrilling journey of ideation, strategies down to fulfilling various formalities.

Soon after installation, the customer was able to start supplying close to 12,000 metric tonnes to prestigious and local RMC’s monthly. He was also able to step in as a ready replacement supplier for Jaipur Airport construction when their existing supplier M-Sand plant shut down in 2020, causing a lapse in the supply value chain network.

Today, they are producing 20,000 metric tonnes of M-Sand monthly and are supplying to different RMC’s in Delhi NCR.

All’s well that ends with a happy customer!

“Choosing CDE Washing technology and entering the M-Sand arena has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Despite being a novice in the construction industry at that time, I am very pleased to have trusted the reputation they have built in the Rajasthan-Harayana region with their intelligent water use and space-saving technology. The CDE Asia family has been with us through every step of this remarkable journey since 2018 – and they have been true progress partners along the way!” - Mr. Kirodimal Jindal, Partner, Unity Green Sand.

CDE Asia thanks the owners of Unity Green Sand Industries for their support, encouragement, and this unique opportunity.

Unity Green Sand Industries, Rajasthan Case Study

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