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Hyderabad recycles construction and demolition wastes

20 August 2019

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For some time now, India is experiencing all that is dark and evil about the urban and progressive lifestyle. As cities grow and expand, so do dreams and plans of yet further advancements – the widening of roads, the broadening of tunnels, building metro rails, gated buildings that are touching the skies. What is being dangerously overlooked in this cacophony of progress is the consistent decrease of the singularly important and finite natural resource – Sand. Globally, diminishing resources of sand have become a truth that can no longer be ignored. We are precariously close to using up the natural riverine and crushed rock sand, a situation that has led to criminal activities such as illegal sand mining and export, punishable by the highest court of law.

So how can sand, the most important building, and construction resource be saved from being completely depleted from the face of the earth as while ensuring that progressive urbanization is not stalled forever?

Recycling and Reusing is the only answer. And the wealth, as they say, is right in our backyard.

Any construction work, be it building or demolishing buildings, metro rails, roads and so on create an average of 5-8% waste material that we unmindfully dump in places that in turn irreparably harm the environment – not understanding that this is a resource that can be recycled and reused as sand for further work. The need of the hour is to install an increasing number of C&D waste recycling plants with an ability to recycle C&D and landfill waste. It is therefore ironical to think that cities across India are facing a tough situation disposing of C&D waste.

Hope is around the corner as areas like the Greater Hyderabad have set up a C&D Waste Recycling Plant using CDE technology after successful installations in Delhi, Surat and Thane, following the Central Government Building Construction and Waste Management Act 2016. The aforementioned plant at Jeedimetla has been inspected by Mr. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC himself. According to him, the plant is capable of recycling 500 metric tonnes of construction waste per day. The positive assurance has triggered GHMC collaboration with the Ramky Group to set up another recycling plant in Fathullaguda and a total of three plants across Greater Hyderabad.

Inspection by Mr. Dana Kishore, Commissioner, GHMC

CDE Asia has been championing the cause of recycling and reuse of construction and demolition waste, thereby solving the on-going problem of waste disposal and combating the problem of diminishing resources of natural sand. A leader in wet processing equipment, CDE has introduced revolutionary and patented technologies that have redefined the construction, mining and waste management industries across the world. CDE is focused on transforming the urban construction landscape by recycling of Construction & Demolition Waste. As a note of hope, CDE has delivered 65 plants throughout the globe, half a dozen plants in India and is treating 7500 tonnes of waste per hour. It has successful installations in the UK, Germany, Australia, the United States, Israel, India, Norway, Sweden, Aruba, France and many more.

CDE is expressly dedicated to the aim of C&D recycling and therefore ushering in a smarter and sustainable tomorrow.

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