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CDE unveils its latest manufactured sand wonder with internet inside – Combo Multi

26 June 2020

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CDE Asia, a leader in inventing wet processing equipment, announced the launch of its new multiple-product manufactured sand plant, christened as Combo Multi. The demand for sand and aggregate is growing exponentially with rapid urbanisation in India and the whole of South East Asia.  The need of the hour is to have an eco-friendly solution capable of producing superior quality manufactured sands and clean washed aggregates from a mixed feed grade. Combo Multi is designed to equip our customers do just that and comes with the cutting-edge Command Center that allows the users to oversee the entire production from anywhere in the world contact-free.

Produce multiple products from a single feed

Combo Multi builds upon all the innovations of the original Combo and makes it more robust and smart. It has the ability to process variety of mixed feed grades and produce two washed aggregate and two manufactured sand out of it.  Its inbuilt Turbo Dual Wash Technology ensures that the sand is of high quality and superior specification. Combo Multi can produce 4 different sand and aggregate products simultaneously from a single feed. This is extremely useful, especially where the quality of feed is of mixed nature, allowing the customers to produce washed aggregates in addition to manufactured sand.

Like all other Combos, it combines feeding, grading, washing, water recycling and stockpiling onto one compact chassis. And it does all this, with an impressive capacity range of 100-200tph depending upon the feed characteristics.

Simple Process.  Powerful processing.

Combo Multi uses CDE’s patented washing technology. The raw feed is fed into the equipment through the Hopper Feeding System.  The feed hopper features an integrated belt feeder to ensure the efficient transfer of material from the hopper to conveyor to screening & segregation process.  Ultra-fines sticking to surface of the aggregate are blasted with high pressure water jets after which two products of required sizes are discharged as cleaned washed fractions.

The balance smaller size particles along with water is passed on to the sand washing & processing zone. This material is thoroughly washed, graded & dewatered then stockpiled through two dedicated product conveyors for two different qualities. Rejected silt particles along with wastewater move to water management System where 95% of the process water is recycled for reuse & ultrafine materials move to sludge collection bay as a waste. Our unique sludge management technology accelerates the drying time of your tailings for a smaller footprint and allows for recycled water to be returned to the Combo washing plant quickly and efficiently.

 “We wanted to give our customers even more reasons to include Combo in their fleet,” said Manish Bhartia, MD of CDE Asia. “CDE promotes new technologies and our R&D team is constantly innovating to exceed customers expectations. Our customers wanted a solution that would help them produce washed aggregates and high specification sands using a single equipment. The Combo Multi delivers it all with an added advantage of contact-free remote monitoring capability, which is an essential feature during these Covid times. It is also an eco-friendly solution that recycles upto 95% water and is extremely energy efficient.”

Smart Contact-Free Technology with Internet Inside

The Combo Multi is preinstalled with multiple IoT sensors and internet capability that communicates with CDE Command Center servers throughout its operations. This allows our customers to operate their business from anywhere in the world.  They can start & stop their Combo remotely, receive daily report of production, power usage, water usage and more, all from the comfort of their homes. Combo Multi is always connected with CDE Command Center by internet making it possible for the CDE Service Team to assist its customers 365 days a year.

Focus on Continued Innovation

The Combo Multi is the latest addition to the formidable Combo range that was first introduced 7 years ago. Over the past 7 years, Combo has seen major  performance upgrades and new feature additions. Today, it is one of the most robust mobile washing plants available in the marketplace and CDE’s dedicated product development team is constantly working to keep its customers steps ahead of their competition, both in terms of quality and efficiency.

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