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CDE Asia plant boosts production and business prospects for China Clay manufacturer

13 December 2021

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A CDE Asia Micrograder BT plant installed at Bhuj, Gujarat helped Suraj Minerals achieve a five-fold boost in recovery from their China Clay mine and better beneficiation and value for glass-grade silica sand from the same plant.

With 10 mines spread over 100 hectares in the Kutch region in the Bhuj district in Gujarat, Suraj Minerals is one of the big names in China clay manufacture and export in the area. However, the organization was suffering from the steep competition and was being held back due to old and conventional methods of clay separation of mined material at their Alpha Kaolin mine in Bhuj. Their existing setup comprised a time-consuming and labor-intensive method of using blengars to make a slurry out of crude clay with silica and water. The slurry would then be fed into screw classifiers that would achieve only a sub-par separation of clay and sand. This led to a loss of 3-5% clay which got mixed with silica sand, harming both the quality of the clay and silica sand.

After getting positive results from tests performed on raw materials from the Alpha Kaolin mine, CDE Asia proposed installing a Micrograder BT plant with Spiral (for heavy minerals separation) and Nano-Wash (for clay separation of 45 microns).

The equipment was finally commissioned in Feb 2021 which helped them unlock the potential of their raw material and turn in unprecedented profits for Suraj Minerals.

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Languishing with low recovery, frequent breakdowns, water wastage, huge power costs, failure to achieve production and industry specification targets for China Clay, unsatisfactory valuation for their silica sand, and limited business prospects – CDE Asia’s advanced processing technology has brought them right back on track.

Today, the Alpha Kaolin mine boasts of a five-fold increase in China Clay recovery (16 tons per day to 80-90 tons per day), a marked decrease in loss of clay through separation (3-5% to 0.5%), a significant improvement in quality of Silica Sand, therefore, improved marketability and price. Apart from this, the plant has cut down on time consumption, switched operations from labor-intensive to automated processes, is reusing 95% water and economized power, and taken up minimal space – thereby solving key problems plaguing the customer and exceeding his expectations.

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