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CDE Asia featured in the Leading SMEs of India

08 January 2021

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CDE Asia got featured in the publication "Leading SMEs of India 2020" by Dun & Bradstreet, which showcases the critical role played by small and mid-sized businesses and their contribution to the Indian economy. Our Executive Director, Manish Madhogaria reveals how the company combated the pandemic crisis by quick and effective decision making and shares the roadmap for CDE Asia for the next few years.

Brief background of the company and its operations:

Our purpose is “To deliver clean environmental solutions and to create positive social and environmental impact” across 24 countries in South and South-East Asia. We develop and supply solutions to repurpose waste into usable material across various sectors (construction, mining, waste recycling etc.). To ensure easy availability of finance for our customers, our financing arm “Operall” enables financing for customers through loans, lease and tolling options (either directly or through our tie-up with financiers). We are also in the final process of launching our new initiative “Doctor Sand” – a certified marketplace for ethically sourced sand. We are headquartered at Kolkata and have offices in Bangalore and Jakarta. We have 3 manufacturing units located in West Bengal, India and have warehouses in Jakarta, Bangalore and Gurgaon.

What has been the success mantra of the company

Without a doubt, innovation is and will continue to be the undisputed success mantra of our Company. We are known in the industry to create innovative products which have a positive environmental impact with high Return on Investments for our customers (be it the technology to create M-sand, the perfect substitute of illegally mined river sand or the technology to effectively convert waste into usable sand and aggregates etc.). We have multiple patents to our name in India and other developed countries like Japan, Singapore etc.

Kindly elaborate on your company’s innovation initiatives. What kind of outcomes have these initiatives helped the company derive?

As mentioned earlier, innovation has been the foundation of our company’s success. We have a DSIR accredited state of the art Research Center approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, where we continue to make significant investments. These have helped us to innovate products which are now patented across various countries. We have a healthy pipeline of projects under development which will be a catalyst to our growth strategy in short to medium term. More recently we have promoted India’s first and only sand marketplace: Doctor Sand - to provide alternatives, to the fast vanishing, natural source of sand and the need to enhance the quality of sand and make a positive impact on the sector and the environment.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted business? What are the strategies that the company has deployed to tide over this crisis?

Being a part of the capital goods industry, the initial reaction was very worrying. To combat the crisis, we had created an internal War room where the senior leadership of the company met over VC every day for 1 hour to discuss and take real-time decisions across various aspects and we adopted our new “Reset strategy” which covered actions relating to developing a smart machine to ensure contact-free operations, building supply chain resilience, creating a strong relationship with stakeholders etc. As we look back, we see huge improvements all across, accredited to the reset strategy, which we took at the start of the pandemic. The old saying “Never waste a crisis” cannot be more emphasized.

What kind of support do you expect from the Government to help sustain the ecosystem in which you operate?

Access to easy and cheap capital for our clients and skilled workforce continues to be a cause of concern for most SME enterprises. In addition to this and specific to our operations, we expect the Government to help industries towards locating land at reasonable prices and also expediting the process of granting patents.

What is the company’s growth strategy over the next 3-5 years?

We have an aggressive growth forecast over the next 3-5 years. The growth will be driven by expanding our presence in the 24 countries where we operate in, by continuing to focus on developing innovative and clean environmental solutions and by being with the customer throughout the lifecycle. One of the most remarkable factors in our growth strategy is the commitment to Sustainability. Our growth forecast in addition to the Business parameters (revenue, profitability etc.) has an equal amount of focus on specific SDGs which form a part of our growth strategy.

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