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M-Sand informative session in Jaipur, Rajasthan

08 March 2021

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On February 26, 2021, CDE Asia personnel addressed an august audience in an invigorating session that discussed 'Latest Technologies in M-Sand' at Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Rajasthan. The event was attended by delegates from local government bodies such as the RSMML, MEA, and representatives from crushing and mineral industries spanning Silica Sand and China Clay.

As an innovator of game-changing wet processing equipment technologies, combating the 'abundant sand' myth has remained one of our pivotal challenges. We recognized in this event a prized opportunity to initiate a nascent audience into the conversation of depleting natural sands and the need to substitute it with a superior and sustainable alternative. Though the common fear of depleting natural resources remains a factor, many are falling back on river sand because of their lack of awareness of the what-s and how-s of Manufactured Sand. What followed was a gripping discussion on the huge possibilities that this superior aggregate substitute brings to the fore, and how it makes for smart business and a resilient ecology.

Specifically, we focused on the following:

  • Overall promotion of M-Sand, concentrating on generating awareness of it being a better and necessary substitute for River Sand both for business and the ecology
  • Launch of Dr. Sand as a support and seller outreach platform for new and emerging M-Sand manufacturers
  • Sharing latest advancements in M-Sand manufacturing and providing clarifications about the product and process

Some Glimpses from the event

Not surprisingly, a lot of doubts were expressed during the session. There were questions around the benefits of using M-Sand vis-à-vis River Sand, the right ways of processing and manufacture, about what 'ethically produced sand' indicates, and whether M-Sand is indeed a superior alternative. We at CDE Asia are pleased to have successfully navigated through all queries and placated doubts through our presentations, videos, and one-to-one talks with the audience.

We assessed Rajasthan to be an untapped area for M-Sand manufacture and use, and therefore utilized the opportunity to spread positivity around the product with key members from the government and other client communities. Our approach was to define the core product as a man-made substitute to natural sand prepared by scientific washing, grading, and processing with the ability to meet the exacting granular specifications of the industry. In doing this, we were able to demonstrate that M-Sand indeed is a superior alternative to natural sand as its quality is mechanically controlled and yields better results in terms of strength and bonding when used in RMCs and other infrastructural activities. M-Sand has also been proven to save cement and water usage which gives it an indisputable edge over River Sand in the concrete industry.

The event and session benefitted us greatly as we came in proximity to the great promise Rajasthan holds in the future of M-Sand manufacture and use. For us at CDE Asia, it was rewarding to be receiving the attention of the government and the private influencers at a session that discusses brave new possibilities in the concrete and mining industries. We thank all present for their enthusiastic participation in the session.

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