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Sludge bay manager for accelerated drying time of your tailings

Accelerated tailings dewatering

The EasySettle sludge bay management system deploys high performance polymers to rigidify tailings at the point of disposal by facilitating instantaneous water release.

How it works

Feed point

Sludge is discharged from the AquaCycle thickener to your sludge bay via the integrated slurry pump. A high pressure flexible feed pipe is connected to the slurry pipeline carrying sludge to the bay.

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Polymer preparation

Polymer is mixed to the desired concentration in the FlocStation dosing plant before it is added to the AquaCycle slurry discharge. The entire process is controlled via a PLC control panel and a consistent polymer solution is dosed to the sludge bay.

Sludge dewatering

As the polymer combines with the sludge the fine solids form a chain and combine with each other beginning the process of solid liquid separation and facilitating the accelerated drying of your washing plant tailings.

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Instantaneous water release

The water recovered from the sludge is pumped from the pond back to your washing plant for re-use, significantly reducing the volume of fresh water required to feed your plant.

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Dry cake ready for transport

Your dry cake is ready for transport in 48 hours. The material is naturally water repellent allowing its storage in wet conditions without requiring further dewatering before disposal.

The benefits of Easysettle

Environmentally friendly solution

Reduced fresh water requirement & evaporative water loss from ponds

Low land requirement for storage area

Reduced material handling & associated costs

Minimum CapEx cost

Lower energy consumption

Easy operation & maintenance

Turnkey engineering & supply

Easy integration with CDE washing plant

Technology support to determine operating parameters

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