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Advanced Processing System for Industrial Sands

Specialist Sands

Optimised Specification, Minimal Environmental Impact

Industrial sands are employed in a variety of industrial uses and typically require more complex processing solutions than construction grade sands. Sometimes a high level of purity is called for, or a specific requirement adhering to very tight standards and specifications in the finished product.

Frac Sands | Sports & Horticultural Sands Foundry Sands | Glass Sands | Filter Sands Equestrian Sands

MIcroGrader Brochure

Modular silica sand classification and beneficiation system

Our experience in the design, manufacture and installation of specialist sand classification and beneficiation systems ensures sand specification is optimised, plant footprint is reduced and minimal environmental impact.

MicroGrader F70D for Float Glass Grade Silica Sand

Feed point efficiency

The feed hopper features an integrated belt feeder to ensure the efficient transfer of material from the hopper to the next stage of processing. MicroGrader also features a belt weigher as standard.

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AtroClean Attrition Cells

A dynamic attrition scrubber that maximises product yield by efficient contaminant removal for consistently graded sand products. It is designed to operate at 80% solids concentration for maximum scrubbing efficiency and a higher specific capacity requiring less power - hence lower running costs.

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ProFlo Precision Screening

Superior screening & classification of Fine Sand

Robust side wall construction ensures long life

  • - Superior abrasion resistance ensures maximum operational life
  • - Even distribution of power across the full screening area ensures efficient screening and dewatering performance

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SFlo Spiral Gravity Concentrators

Spiral Concentrators provide an accurate density separation to remove contamination from your final sand product. Our Spiral concentrators separate solid particles in slurry, based upon a combination of the particle density as well as the particle hydrodynamic properties

MicroGrader Brochure

UFlo Upward Flow Classifier

- Classifies particles by size.

- Upgrades the feed material of two or more groups of particles of differing specific gravity. Heavy material settling faster and building up within the tank and lighter material reporting to the overflow of the tank.

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The AquaCycle high rate thickener delivers 85% water recycling with the smallest equipment footprint
- Minimize environmental impact.
- Reduce the space required to accommodate settling ponds.
- Reduce health & safety risks on site.
- Maximize the efficiency of your wet processing plant reinforced rubber pipe work.

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Superior Sand Dewatering

The dewatering screen technology delivers washed sand that's ready for market straight from the belts - allowing you to turn your products into revenue as quickly as possible.

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Sludge Management

Our unique sludge management technology accelerates the drying time of your tailings for a smaller tailings footprint and allows for recycled water to be returned to the washing plant much more quickly than other systems.

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Foundry Sand Production for Casting

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