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Mineral Processing Systems for Beneficiating Low Grade Ores

Beneficiate Low Grade Minerals

By introduction our customised process improvement package we will facilitate the processing of lower grade ores. By reducing your cut-off grade, we will deliver significant efficiencies to your ore processing operation

Maximise the recovery of minerals
Minimise wastage of water
Maximise the value of your minerals

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Advanced Mineral Processing Technology

Our modular beneficiation systems have been proven over the years across south-east Asia helping our customers maximise the quality and value of their ores

Feed point efficiency

The feed hopper features an integrated belt feeder to ensure the efficient transfer of material from the hopper to the next stage of processing.

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Versatile scrubbing

Maximum product yield from feedstock with surface contamination. The paddles are in a fan arrangement which ensures consistent loads and are made of high cast chrome.

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Wet screening

Screenmax circular motion screen is a high energy single shaft, two bearing wet screen. Fitted with rubber springs for improved vibration efficiency.

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Cut point efficiency

Your Oremax is custom built for your specific project - ensuring efficient control of silt cut points and delivering minerals  that meet your required specifications every time.

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Superior sand dewatering

The dewatering screen technology delivers minerals that's ready for market straight from the belts - allowing you to turn your products into revenue as quickly as possible.

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Product stockpiling

9m integrated wing conveyors discharge at 4.7m offering a stockpile capacity of 150m3. These are foldable for easy transport. Energy-saving rollers are used.

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Use 95% less water

The Oremax integrates our tried and tested water recycling technology allowing you to use the latest mineral washing
technology while reducing your water requirement by up to 95%.

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EasySettle deploys high performance polymer technology to rigidify your tailings at the point of disposal by effecting  instantaneous water release from the treated slurry.

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Automatic operation

Oremax is equipped with an on board control panel housed in a double door stainless steel enclosure to ensure suitability for outdoor application in even the most harsh environments. Touch screen Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is standard.

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Quick, easy & safe access

There are no compromises with the Oremax mobile washing plant - so, you will get the same walkway specification as you would expect on a static processing plant. This ensures your people have quick, easy and safe access for essential plant maintenance.

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Oremax enables efficient iron ore processing

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