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CDE BricBond Bonding Compound

The search for an economically viable as well as scientifically precise additive for brick making is not new. The traditional clay brickmaking process too is increasingly feeling the need to find the perfect ingredient in its mixing process to cut down on wastage in materials and water, reduce environmental impact and also tackle common problems during the drying process.

The CDE BricBond admixture has been formulated keeping in mind the concerns of sustainability, economy of cost and quality of output, as also to support the process of producing Eco Cold Bonded (ECB) Bricks & Blocks. Eco Cold-bonded (ECB) Bricks & Blocks is a building material designed for high-quality masonry work and is produced using waste silt, sand and the revolutionary CDE BricBond additive. Bricbond is an additive promoted by CDE and is used to improve properties of silt like shaping characteristics, drying behaviour and improves the durability of bricks. The effectiveness of CDE BricBond depends on a few factors including:

  1. Quality and quantity of the cement
  2. Water content
  3. Time of mixing
  4. Water-cement ratio

CDE BricBond bonding compounds are capable of altering the rheological properties of silt whereby their bonding strength and dimension control are greatly enhanced. By adding BricBond admixtures in the cement mix, silt shaping properties such as drying and firing behaviour are moderated according to requirement and this avoids high shrinkage, warping and cracks during drying under direct sunlight. Once control is assumed on the properties of quality, hardness and durability of bricks, the same can be modified to reduce the overall cost of brick making and economize the use of water and energy.

There are a number of variations of the admixture that is selected in combination as per application requirement. For example BricBond 1.1 is a mixture of chemical compound and polymer which is a bonding mixture whereas BricBond 1.2 is a synthetic fast setting mixture and BricBond 1.3 is a hardening mixture.

Some of the key benefits of using BricBond admixtures in brickmaking are:

  1. Reduces the surface tension of the homogeneous mixing and promotes better flow of particles.
  2. Reduces distortion or cracking after drying
  3. Reduces friction between the particles and decreases water use
  4. Reduces drying time
  5. Bonded particles continue releasing water and gain compressive strength with age

 Choose CDE BricBond admixture as a new age brick-making additive, ideal for zero waste bricks from silt waste, which gives you complete control over strength, firing and drying properties of bricks and control over costs.

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