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CDE BLU is our new range of flocculants designed for efficient sedimentation of ultrafine suspension predominantly during water and wastewater treatment processes. CDE BLU is manufactured incorporating UMA (Unique Molecular Architecture) technology, which produces a product that combines the effects of both improved solids settling and compaction along with maximum clarity of top water.

CDE BLU is polyacrylamide or a polymer-based flocculant having a simple linear or cross-linked structure that is soluble in water. It is white or colourless, odourless and crystalline solid. It is stable at room temperature and can violently polymerize at its melting point. It is soluble in water, alcohol and acetone but insoluble in benzene.

CDE BLU is manufactured based on acrylamide chemistry and classified into three variants. Those which carry charge are polyelectrolytes and called cationic (+ve charge) and anionic (-ve charge). The third variant is called non-ionic or non-charged.

A required CDE BLU solution is prepared with water in a mixing tank at the desired concentration and then added to the suspended or colloidal slurry stream.  CDE BLU induces flocculation by neutralizing the surface charge of particles or forming a bridge between individual particles. The flocculants bind the small particles together to form larger particles or flocs. When the particles come together they get heavier. When they get heavier the water molecule cannot push them around and gravity pulls them to the bottom of the thickener.

By using CDE BLU, we can achieve faster separation of suspended or colloidal solids from water. Our technology is designed to treat 95% water and recycle it back for reuse into the processing plant. CDE BLU is effective at lower consumption in industrial effluent like the washing of various kinds of aggregates, sand and various minerals.

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